Title: Fatima Zahra (as) is the Excellent Exemplar for everyone.

IT is an undoubted reality that everybody has required an ideal in their lives, to make blissful their lives. And a same case when a person wants to be a respectable personality, he/she  must to adopt one particular person as an ideal role model, who contains himself with a good attributes. Then he/she  takes suitable instructions from his instructor who is put as an ideal by him to obtain his most important goals.

After a small preface we are going to discuss about our main topic (gambit).


Islam and the model

Islam is a name of a great school and It is the last religion of almighty God, which is brought by the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his progeny).Islam is a single religion, which could be accepted by Allah.

Quran states that one whoever adopts a religion without Islam, it will never be accepted, and he will be in deficit at hereafter. Therefore if Islam is so important religion thus it must to have one Devin guidance who leads the people towards this divine religion.

Allah bestowed the holy prophet as his messenger, for the purpose of guidance to the people and ordered to his servants to follow the messenger. In holy Quran Allah states:

) وما آتاکم الرسول فخذواہ وما نھاکم عنھ فانتھوا)

“Whatever the messenger gives you, take it and from whatever he forbids you, refrain from it”.

(chapter no: 59,verse no:7).

In verse Allah (Subhana WA tale) wants from his servants that it is obligation upon all believers to follow the holy prophet (Pease be upon him and his decadence). Therefore the only right path which leads to blessing and prosperity target is the path of the messenger.

Heretofore we mentioned that, Islam is the final religion of God and he also sent his messengers among the people towards educate and refinement to the people. The holy Quran mentions that:

It is He Who has raised among the unlettered people a Messenger of their own, who recites to them His revelations, purifies them, and

Teaches them the Book and Wisdom, though prior to this they were in gross error.(chapter no:62/Verse no:2).

In a same case, in a next verse, Allah stats:

لقد کان لکم فی رسول اللھ اسوۃ حسنۃ))

And that we appointed ‘Mohammad', the messenger of Allah, as a good model for you".(chapter33/verse:21.

Therefore, people have to follow the messenger of Allah in their life and circumstances.

In the Islamic traditions, it is recommended to invite the people to truth through presenting true sample and practices and not only through word of mouth.

Our religious leaders have been the incarnation of Islam and Quran concepts. When Ayesha the Prophet's wife, was asked that what were the prophet's morals like? She answered,"Quranic morals".

We discussed so far about the messenger of Allah who was sent by Allah as a model and sample for the humanity.

Besides the messenger of Allah there are some other divine leaders' who's always lead to the people and they continue the mission of messenger of Allah, their acts and deeds are same of prophet's acts and deeds, their responsibilities are to protect Islam.

Quran states about them that after following Allah and his messenger, people ought to obey them.therfore Quran stats:"obi Allah, obey the messenger and those charged with authority among you". Chapter: 4? Verse: 59).      

In other verse Allah states regarding the importance and dignity of them; “oh the family members of messenger Allah only intends to remove uncleanliness from you and to purify you completely".

Ahlulbait, are those people whom were declared the messenger of Allah during the passing away; as a very important integrity with holy Quran among the people. He states:

انی تارک فیکم الثقلین کتاب اللھ و عترتی اھلبیتی، ما ان تمسکتم بھما لن تضلوا من بعدی ابدا، و انھما لن یفترقا حتی یردا علی الحوض"۔

"Verily, I am leaving among you two weighty things (thaqalayn): the book of Allah and my progeny (it rat), the members of my household (Ahl al-Bait). If you hold fast to them, you shall never go astray. These two will never separate from each other until they meet me at the pond (hawd) (of kawthar)". This tradition (hadith) is acceptable near the Shia and as well as ahl- Sunna.

Therefore we proved the Devin position of holy prophet's decadences

In the light of Quranic verses and authentic hadith hence we realized very out lightly that after the passing away of messenger of Allah, the dependence of holy prophet is the right successors of messenger of Allah and it is obligation upon believers to follow them.

Thus we realized that after the holy prophet, those persons whom declared by Allah the almighty, as model for everybody; are our infallible Imams

(Pease be upon them).therefore our actions must be in accordance of their

Deeds, least our claim maybe not correct and its will be only the words of mouth, while a believer mustn't just like that we mentioned.

Hazard-e-Fatima Zahra (as) the most paramount lady of history.

Our actual discussion is about Fatima Zahra (Pease be upon her), which is mentioned at starting preface and how her activities may be as a example for everyone.

Hazard-E-Zahra is the one of four excellent women in the history of man's life, the four excellent women are including: Asian, Holy Mary, Khadijeh and Fatima, But Fatima Zahra (p.b.a.h) is the most paramount lady as compare the three mentioned glorious women.

We will try to analyze her position through two views:

* according to the Holy Quran:

She symbolizes kauther, and the following the Quran verse was revealed about her:

إنا اعطیناک الکوثر

(We have bestowed upon you Kauthar)

  She stands for the word (نسائنا)[Our women] in Mubahila verse. On the other hand, Fatima (a.s) is a woman, but includes all the gracious attributes of the grand woman in the world, and the roles, of which woman must take the responsibility, and try to achieve them.

She is the symbol of:

و جمع الشمس والقمر

(And the sun and the moon will be brought together)

She is also symbolizes the verse.

والقمر اذاتلاھا

(And by the moon, which follow the sun) in shams sure.


*According to the traditions:

-She is the mistress of women, the inhabitant of heaven.

-she is Ali's peeress as well as his confident.

-The holy prophet stats:

انت منی وانا منک

(Oh Fatima (a.s) you are from me and I am from you).(bihar-ul-anawer volum,43p,33) .

­اول شخس تدخل الجنۃ فاطمۃ (ع)

"The first one, who will enter in heaven, is Fatima (a.s)". The

Imam Sadiq (peace be upon him) stats-

"اما مریم کانت سیدۃ نساء زمانھا، اما فاطمۃ فھی سیدۃ نساء العالمین  من الاولین و الاخرین"

"Myriam was the mistress of her time, but Fatima Zahra (as) is the mistress of all women of the world from initial up to last.”(Tafsir e- namona.port.2p.409.)

-our noble imam of present (may Allah expedite his glorious advent), stats:


فی ابنۃ رسوللہ (ص) لی اسوۃ حسۃ‍


My best sample, in my life, is Fatima Zahra (peace be upon her)"

­-she was one of the glad tiding of the prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants), as he said,

فان الله اصطفاک علی نساء العالمین

(And Allah chose you superior to the whole women of the world).

Fatima relationship with Ali: (peace be upon them)

She is the wife of greatest man in the history, and has a great spiritual power to support him; to be his confident, and his supporter of his esteem, dignity, and position. When Ali (peace be upon him) was going to jihad, it was she who brought his body armor, and after it, she washed the blood away from his sword. when Ali (Pease be upon him) lost patience by the harassment and torturers of some ignorant people, she tried to soothe him and when Imam raised an objection against the Caliphs to prove his truthfulness and supremacy over them, it was Fatima (peace be upon her), who to the houses of the prophet's disciples, administered for justice, and bore witness o Ali's truthfulness.

She was Ali's confidant in all affairs and all times; in happiness, in sorrow, anxiety, in poverty, in suffering. She never groaned, expressed, weakness, or gave up.

She did her utmost to make the minds concentrate on the fact and the incidents in which a certain and eternal right was disregarded by the Islamic Omma. She then collected the Muhajerein (the migrants) and Ansar (the Helpers) women and support Ali's rightfulness in this way she expounded on Muslim Omma that to sacrifice in the way of truth, is not only the men's responsibility, rather it's also the duty of Muslim women.  Thus we realized that the first one, who struggled for the sake of Wilayat and Imamat.

In other word we can say that She is the symbolize of the verse:

قل انما اعظکم بواحدۃ أن تقوموا للہ مثنی وفرادی۔            )سبا،46)

"Say, indeed I advise you, to one point and that is you standup for Allah, two by two or even single individual".

Allah stats that you must to stand up for Allah and for truth, either you have people with you or you don't have people with you. It is the great commandment of Allah which was acted the lady Fatima Zahra (peace be upon her).she acted upon this Quranic word when she was alone, she taught to the world that how to protest against cruel dictators.

     In this regard, Fatima's relationship with Ali

(peace be upon him) is not limited to conjugal relationship, but wider, peeper, and further then what other people possess in the society.

It is a relationship, cordial in defending the human rank and honor of her husband, causing the defense of the benefits of human society.

She is an ideal role model for Women:

Fatima (peace be upon her) is an excellent model for all the women at all times, especially those who are willing to preserve their honor and defend their purity and piety, since her age to doomsday.

She is a perfect sample for women in all aspect of man's life. She is the sample and symbol of freedom and she is far from impurity and sin, slavery and captivity. She aimed to teach the people how to elevate their souls instead of indecency and insipid adornment and; therefore, managed to attract the hearts through this way.

She taught the women that they could do manly jobs in case of necessity, but have to keep their eyes pure from the strangers and preserve their purity and nobility. She also taught them how to rise against oppression, usurpation and injustice. To teach them the aforementioned lessons practically, Fatima (peace be upon her) tried to much that the flames of her life light were extinguished. But she never stopped fulfilling her mission until the end of her life.

To mention all her attributes in this brief seems impossible, we state some part of them.(which maybe god willing as a light tower in our lives)

Fatima's Freedom:

Fatima (peace be upon her) is a woman, free from sin, from impurities, from material attachment.

She is infallible, fenced off sin. No superficial customs can attract her towards itself, and no material beauty can tempt her; and at last no superficial luck can catch her eyes.

Fatima's piety:

Fatima (peace be upon her) has got piety and moral chastity and tries to keep away not only from sin but even from sin misgivings. Even when a blind man came to see the prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny), Fatima (peace be upon her) cared about her hijab.

Once, the Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants’) knocked at the door to enter her house with his guest. Fatima (peace be upon her) answered, "I do not have hijab to cover my heads; therefore, she covered herself with the corner of the bed sheet not to be exposed in view.

Fatima's Patience and Resistance:

She is tolerant and patient and does not give up or withdraw in front of the destructive flood.

She protects herself in front of the social pressures and corruption and does not yield. She is the champion of patience and has passed all her exams with flying colors on this way. We read in her supplication:

یا ممتحنۃ امتحنک اللھ فوجدک لما امتحنک صابرۃ

 “Allah has set the seal of approval on her life report". 

She is resistant against the brutality of life, poverty, and disappointment, and patient in front of the pains, caused by the negligence of the comma. Those difficulties cannot make her yield and enemies' strokes cannot disappoint her.

For the forgoing discussion, we conclude our discussion and as a ending point we mention a brief tagline that’s related our main topic, is about, Fatima (peace be upon her)ought to be a good model for our women.

It is evident she, who is a Muslim and has adopted the Islamic Ideology, cannot choose one as mental leader except Fatima(peace be upon her and her daughter Zainab(as).

She would imitate Fizzah and Asma as well as somayah and OmmeSalameh.There is no doubt that some person introduce themselves as the real followers of Fatima (peace be upon her), but simulation cannot change the truth. Simulation is one thing, and acceptance of the facts seriously something else. By adopting the life of Fatima(peace be upon her)as sample, a Muslim women tries to make her thought as Fatima(peace be upon her),her morals as Zeinab,her views as Fizza,and at last her speech according to Allah's will. And this is achieved under the protection of man's want, practice and faith.

At last we ask from Allah that he grants to us Devine guidance, towards acting on the path of Ahlulbait and may Allah turn us into true waiters of ImamMehdi (May Allah expedite his glorious advent) Aameen.

By: Khadim Husain Akhonde

Email: khadimhussain188gmail.com